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Micro Homogenizer System

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Micro-Vial Homogenizer System for DNA Testing

Pellet Pestle with Matching Microtubes

Our new Pellet Pestle System includes a Polypropylene pestle and microvial designed and developed specifically for each other. This innovative system is manufactured & packaged in our class 10,000 cleanroom. Pestile and microvial are all RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free and no animal derived components or color are added.

Features and Advantages:

Our pestle has a specially designed contact angle for the microvial to optimize efficiency of pellet reconstitution or re-suspension; the shaft's ribbed design allows use of the pestle with a motorized mixer or simply with your fingers for shear-sensitive samples. Pestle will fit most competitors motorized mixer adapters while the design allows air to escape for a better fit and eliminates the "shaking" seen in competitive models.

The microvial is available in 0.5 and 1.5mL sizes and has a Positive Seal "snap-cap" design to allow for repeated opening and closing. It's non-graduated and has a frosted side wall marking spot and flat frosted cap surface for additional labeling. The cap is also pierceable via syringe needle. Bottom thickness is 25% heavier than the industry standard reducing the chance of failure during use; every microvial is leak tested prior to packaging. The lack of color means no heavy metals often associated with coloring agents and eliminates potential leaching of these agents into your sample.

Two types of packaging are available:

1 - Individual - each microvial or pestle is pre-wrapped then separately overpacked into a bag of 100 pieces.

2 - Bulk Packed - 100 pieces are packaged in ziplock bags and heat sealed to indicate the bag has not been opened. They are then placed in a larger ziplock bag for shipping. Lot Control with Material Traceability on packaging is included.

We also offer irradiation capabilities.

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